Discover the Hula Hoop

This Workshop is held every other Sunday from 12:00pm-2:00pm* Check Schedule*

1623617_662808007088753_1069546117_nThe focus is dancing with the hoop while getting a full body workout and having fun! Unleash your own style while learning and fine-tuning both on and off the body moves and transitions. No Hula Hoop experience required; Hoops will be available to borrow during class and we will have hoops available for purchase, if you would like your very own to keep. $15 Donation.

Benefits of Hooping:

1) Strengthen your tone muscles while learning how to hoop on your entire body.
2) Free up hips and spine.
3) Increase coordination, flexibility, balance and rhythm as you develop fluidity of motion.
4) Open up channels for creative self expression.
5) Hooping generates joy and laughter, and makes you smile while reducing stress.

Learn more about the benefits from hooping; Read our Blog: Hula Hooping the new phenomena! 

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