Gilbert has combined his knowledge of anatomy and an extensive love of music with his passion for yoga to create a more modern, unique, and ever changing approach to yoga. Although Gilbert is continuously challenging himself and enhancing his teachings, he offers classes designed for all levels. His classes focus on alignment, strong yet basic postures and he adds some classical advanced postures as well. Gilbert’s kind and humbling spirit make classes light hearted, fun, and challenging to both the mind and spirit. Gilbert found yoga to be energizing both mentally and physically and he has made yoga an essential part of his life. When Gilbert is not in the yoga studio he enjoys traveling, art, live music, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and spending time with friends and family. Gilbert says, “Yoga has given me the perfect balance between physical activities and mental rejuvenation, I have better body awareness and it has helped me to become a better surfer, but really yoga has helped grow through all aspects of life.”



Ashley’s love for yoga started years ago with a desire to start meditating. Ashley feels yoga has given her the tools for self-discovery, personal growth, acceptance, & mostly a connection to a more conscious way of living. Ashley’s first experience teaching was a kids yoga class, she then new teaching was something she wanted to pursue. Soon after enrolling in her first 200 hour teacher training with Noah Mazé, in April 2013, her practice started to evolve. When she’s off the mat; Ashley enjoys connecting with nature, traveling, snuggling with her dogs, gardening, making jewelry, Acro yoga and sharing holistic health and wellness tips. She believes we reveal our true selves in our practice and our practice will pour into our everyday life. Ashley strives for a therapeutic approach to her classes. She loves the use of props, and reminds her students to stay connected with their breath, tune into their bodies, and reconnect with avani (earth).

Jennifer Orona

9Camel2**Jennifer has always had a passion for fitness and was originally drawn to Yoga for the physical aspect…. but what she found was so much more! Jennifer took her first Yoga class over 12 years ago but really dove into her practice after completing her first teacher training.  Having a love for movement and what it does for the mind she wanted to dive deeper into what it was about Yoga that made her feel much more expansive than running or playing any other sport.  Having a daily Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) for over 6 years, she has found inner balance; mind, body and spirit.  She truly believes that yoga is the technology for arriving at the present moment, bringing awareness and truth to those who practice.   Having completed several teacher trainings she is certified at the highest 500 hour level.  She continues to grow in her personal practice spending her weekends and free time participating in yoga workshops, expanding her teaching skills and exploring her love of Ayurveda and Nutrition.  She is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to share her passion teaching yoga, mentoring those seeking truth, and leading teacher trainings. Jennifer’s intention is to be a light to her students, inspiring her students beyond just the physical body and letting their own divine light shine brightly.  Love. Light. Radiance.



Lexie Dorren has been practicing yoga on and off for 2 years, but her journey really began in 2012. An aspiring singer and songwriter, Lexie surrounded herself with music and books growing up and never participated in anything physical. “I was the kid who hid or sat on the field picking grass during P.E.” she says. She had wrongfully accepted that she could never get fit and would be forever battling grueling diets in order to stay at a desired weight. When she suddenly dove into her yoga practice in May 2012, she was so inspired by the results that she couldn’t stop. Lexie decided to participate in the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program at CorePower and continued with Extensions. “I want to show people who feel the way I used to that anyone can do it. You don’t have to run, play sports, or lift weights to get fit and you don’t have to be flexible, skinny, or vegan to do yoga,” she says, “I’ve never loved myself and my body more than I have since I found yoga.” Lexie received her Associate of Arts, but is taking a break from school to pursue her dreams in music and teaching yoga. When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, Lexie is singing with cover bands at local clubs.


Robert fell in love with yoga early 2011.  It was a challenge to step onto the mat, as Robert struggled with the thought walking into room of weird postures and exotic sanskrit names.  After his first free week, he slowly began to notice a dramatic improvement with his posture, flexibility and breath.  Robert gained a new purpose in health and wellness, and yoga is at the center of it.   On August 2011, Robert completed his teacher training and began teaching in the Fall of 2012.   Robert loves djing and music production.   During classes, he weaves his love of music with his love of yoga.  His goal is to strengthen both your body and mind, while having fun at the same time.





6040_116500618524_4528104_nRobin started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in San Francisco in 2004. While living in The Netherlands, she became certified to teach in 2009 and has been leading yoga classes ever since. ”For me, yoga is about strengthening the mind / body connection. While moving through the postures and linking the breath, my focus is on the NOW. The worries of everyday life seem to float away. I like that after savasana, you actually feel lighter and more at peace ~ almost as if you have left your troubles on the mat. Yoga practice is different for everyone. Some seek a good workout; some relaxation, some greater knowledge of the teachings. But, everyone is in the same class. We are all working on the same asanas. We are all both students and teachers. The rigorous asana sequence also makes me both physically and mentally stronger on and off of the mat. I want everyone to be able to experience the way your body can surprise you in the poses and the way your mind can focus – letting thoughts just come and go”.



jonathanJonathan or Jai, as his friends (that means you!) call him, simply Loves Life and Yoga! Having been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years he is no stranger to anatomy, physiology and human movement and brings this knowledge to his Yoga instruction. That’s not to say that his classes are purely physical or routine, however, as he delivers a playful and fun approach to learning Yoga and exploring our human potential! You won’t just learn how to properly align your muscles and bones, but will also come to find that your Heart and Mind find some balance as well. Most importantly he Loves you and wants you to come play Yoga with him!

Kelly W.



With 8 years of practicing meditation and yoga, and 5 years experience teaching yoga and meditative practices, Kelly has created a life of honoring truth and presence. Yoga has become her method of finding balance of the mind, body, and soul throughout her life’s journey. She completed a 200-hour Ashtanga teacher training certification in the beginning of 2007. With the combination of a B.A. in Cognitive Science; she integrates her knowledge of the mind, brain, and body with the principles and science of yoga. She instructs vinyasa flow classes with her intentions set in sharing positivity and peace, building strength and flexibility, while establishing presence and awareness through the unity of breath and movement.






Matt’s connection to yoga began five years ago. Through practicing yoga, injuries disappeared and strength increased. Matt believes that yoga heals, transforms and provides balance in one’s life. Because of his transformation, Matt strives to help others find their own breakthrough. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree and is always striving to grow mentally and spiritually. Matt earned his 200 hour Power Yoga training certification in April 2013. Through his teaching, Matt’s intention is to make a profound, positive influence on his students. In his spare time, Matt enjoys live music and good food.




Kelly A.



Kelly first discovered yoga in 2000 when her best friend convinced her to take a class. It was love at first asana! She decided to enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher certification program in the Spring of 2013 and began teaching upon graduating.
Yoga has changed Kelly’s life in more ways than she could have ever imagined and she feels extremely blessed to be able to share her love of this practice with her students. When not found on the mat, she can be found teaching jewelry classes, making jewelry or playing her guitar.




Ashlee Goite has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for over 10 years. She took her first Ashtanga yoga class with Dawn Yager in South Carolina, fell in love, and never looked back. She continuously studies with master Ashtanga teachers, including Manju Jois, David Williams, David Swenson, and Melanie Fawer. Ashtanga Yoga is her passion. In each class, her emphasis is on purposefulness of breath and safety in each movement and posture, while leading students through the challenging, purifying Ashtanga Primary Series. Her goal is for students to develop a consistent yoga practice that will be beneficial and enjoyable for the rest of their lives. She encourages all students to be beginners, to take one step at a time and enjoy the adventure of discovering something that can teach us so much about ourselves and the space we occupy in the world. Ashlee earned her 200hr certification with a strict focus on Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri Patthabi Jois, who taught that yoga is “99% practice an 1% theory.” She received her 500hr certification from Sri Dharma Mittra, who teaches how to truly live the life of a yogi. She continues to learn and practice in order to share with others, honoring the styles and methods she studies.


melissAfter watching hoop dancers at various music festivals, Melissa decided to purchase a plain black hoop in November 2011 to try it out. After one week of constant frustration on trying to keep the hoop up at the waist, something finally clicked. Joy and Happiness, and the determination to learn new tricks began to grow exponentially each day. Five years prior, Melissa had been in three car accidents which resulted in chronic back pain and muscle spasms. For the longest time, certain physical activities seemed far fetched, but when hooping was introduced it became really apparent. There were no more back pain and no more muscle spasms!! Hooping two (2) hours a day, every day for one whole year and completely self-taught, learning everything she knows on YouTube; Melissa began to teach her co-workers how to hoop and now finally teaching private lessons, hosting hoop jams at the park and teaching regularly at Underground Yoga. In early February 2013, Hoop Dimensions was formed. Melissa created this website to share all things hooping related. Inspiring hooping YouTube videos, a shop to buy uniquely designed hoops and LED hoops, and a schedule of hoop workshops. This website is constantly growing, and soon hoop tutorials will be added to help you progress. Hooping definitely is a fun and exciting way to strengthen your body, loose weight, and it gives you the freedom to let go and express yourself in dance. So come join us in this magical experience and give it a spin.